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Custom Travel

Coda Tours is a tour operator specializing in small group tours & privately guided trips throughout the world for the gay & lesbian market. Since 1998, Coda Tours has been creating customized journeys to suit the schedule, budget and interests of curious gay travelers who want private tour guides during the day and luxury hotels at night. We are destination experts with unparalleled knowledge of the countries in our portfolio and will endeavor to design the trip of your dreams.


The Foreign Independent Traveler . . . You!

For most of you a trip to a foreign country means being independently traveling when and where you want…at your own pace. FIT (Foreign Independent Travel) arrangements are the most expensive way (as opposed to group travel) to travel, but they offer you the greatest freedom. With our special collection of the world’s finest ground operators (destination management companies), we are able to arrange almost anything you wish to do, anywhere in the world. Hotels, private transfers, rail tickets, boat/ferry tickets, private tours and excursions, safaris, charter air, private car and guide, entrances to the world’s great museums and sites, dinner reservations and theatre tickets to mention just some possibilities. We can set up an initial phone call and discuss your options. Once the planning begins, our fees will be charged, and they are outlined below. These fees are for services/time spent on your trip and are not part of any of the services or components that I arrange for you. You are paying for the expertise and security of having your travel expertly planned, confirmed and ticketed with the most reliable and experienced suppliers that can be found in any destination.

  • Customized itinerary planning for FIT (Foreign Independent Travel) ranges from $150 to $250 per person to get things going. Expenses such as telephone, fax, overnight mail etc. can be additional.) This fee is non-refundable even if you cancel and is charged to your credit card as a service fee at the initial stages of work.
  • FEDEX or Other Fast Mail delivery. All travel documents (cruise, tour, etc) will be sent via Fedex or USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate. We use the lowest rate possible. Your credit card or your FedEx Account will be billed for the Fed Ex charges. Please advise us if you have someone to sign for the documents when they arrive.
The following is a summary of service charges for the most common travel services:
  • For issuing any airline tickets, $40 per ticket/per person for domestic tickets / $75 per ticket for international tickets. Fees for changes to an already existing ticket are $50 plus airline penalties and whatever new fare is applicable. Additional fees may be charged by Consolidators or other third party agencies used to issue your tickets.
  • Internet Air reservations/or ticket $40. (Southwest, Allegiant or Jet Blue)
  • Voiding a ticket. Sometimes the airline allows us to void a ticket within 24 hours of the ticket being issued. If it is allowed, (and sometimes it is not allowed by the airline). If you need the ticket voided we are happy to provide this service to you. Fee for this void: $50.00 per ticket.
  • Cancellation of a complete ticket: $50.00 plus the penalty of the airline.
  • Issue fee for paper ticket $20* plus the airline service fee.
  • Cancellation of a consolidator ticket. $50 per ticket plus any penalties imposed by the consolidator. The $50 fee is charged up front to begin the cancellation/refund process and is a regular service fee charge. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.
  • Name changes (spelling, correct ID name change) If allowed by the carrier are $40 per ticket plus Airline fee.
  • Reissue, refund, exchange of air ticket $75* per ticket.
  • Frequent Flyer Awards and Upgrades. Coda Tours will work with Frequent Flyer miles or American Express points only for established clients. The fee is $150 per ticket and may be more if extensive time is required. We will still of course record any Frequent Flyer membership numbers to all airline, car and hotel reservations so that you are sure to accrue miles for your flights. (Although we do ask you to check that your mileage numbers are in your record at the time of check in.)
  • Car or hotel reservations: No charge or service fee for a Worldspan or Amadeus booked hotel or car reservation. All other hotel reservations and searches are $35 per reservation, plus any telephone/fax charges. Fax charges are usually $10.00. Changes to an existing hotel reservations (non-Worldspan/Amadeus) are subject to a $25.00 service fee. Cancellation fees are imposed by the hotels for certain changes and cancellations and will be charged to your credit card.
  • Rail (Amtrak, Eurail, Japan Rail Pass, ViaRail, Aussie Rail, China Rail, NZ Rail) $35* per person/per ticket/pass. There is a $35.00 per person charge for Point-to-Point rail tickets in Europe and all rail passes.
  • Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines. Yes! We can take care of your reservations & ticketing for both Allegiant and Southwest Airlines. Fee is $40.00 per ticket.
  • Telephone and Fax charges. Telephone charges are billed at whatever the rate is when the call is made. Fax charges are $10.00 per fax which includes of preparation of fax cover and any extra pages.
  • Documents & Shipping. In these days of electronic tickets it is not always necessary to have actual paper documents, however there are a few cases where you must carry hard copy documents/tickets with you on your trip. For security and safety we will ship your documents to you FedEx. This Fed Ex charge, while it will be the least expensive rate, will be billed to the credit card you have given us to purchase your travel arrangements or you can give us your FedEx account number for billing. If you lose your documents or they are destroyed there is a fee of $50 to replace them plus any fee imposed by the supplier and any shipping charges involved.
  • Cruises and Tour Cancellation, Changes, cancellations & refunds: $35* per person in addition to any penalty by the cruise or tour company for changes to an existing reservation. A cancellation is not considered a change. Once you have made your deposit there are charges to make any change. This service fee is charged out at the beginning of the change/cancel request to your credit card. Travel insurance, with trip cancellation protection, is strongly recommended and always offered when you are making your initial reservation and deposit.

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